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$SILVER + $GOLD community Pools are now LIVE on BluDAC!

Learn about BLU + BluDAC

These 8 pools are now live! All pools last 90 Days and reward in SILVER (Screenshot is not accurate)

Getting initial SILVER

SILVER has two spot trading markets open on Alcor, one for SILVER / WAX and one for SILVER / GOLD

Learning the Game

Unintentional misinformation shows common misconceptions about the frequencies that permeate our lives.

This VICE News documentary focuses on a fighter for the Navajo nation getting better internet access, who naïvely believes that a concept called spectrum is the foremost mechanism of the Internet. While spectrum is a measure related to how information transfers, the understanding presented in the video is so…

Purple’s tokenomics reveal revolutionary mechanics geared towards rewarding creators for creating and generating local Top Charts.

Today Current X Change LLC (cXc) released Purple, a blockchain-based multi-token economy with a stated purpose to empower co-creation. This co-creation system works by providing each participant with up to 288 tokens, called SOL, per day for free. Participants then use 1 SOL to “Up” (short for upvote) content which…

How to choose the right travel method for you, find every option from A to B, and buy the cheapest tickets.

Sometimes I wonder what travel was like 100 years ago. Or a thousand years ago. Going to a place based on something someone sketched on a piece of paper.

Full disclosure: This is part of a course about Becoming a Digital Nomad. I will be linking it at the bottom.

Thankfully, we live in an age where you can figure out how to get anywhere from anywhere with a cell phone…

On my second visit to Kuelap in northern Peru. Photo Cred: Karelia Blum

A limiting belief is something you believe to be true about yourself, others, or the world that narrows your possibilities.

Narrowing possibilities means you won’t take chances, and will miss out on opportunities because they disappear from your field of vision.

What’s worse, you won’t even realize you are missing out, as these possibilities won’t even show up in your mind.

Full Disclosure: This is part of a course I…

Full Disclosure: I teach a course called Becoming a Digital Nomad, and will be linking it at the bottom.

In this day and age, there are so many apps and websites designed to make your travel life a little easier. We want to show you our favorites.

Let’s go through some apps you’ll want to know about before setting off

Learning a Language

There are so many apps to learn new languages. Some are very good. Some are fun but don’t teach you much. Some are free, some are paid, but they all are better than doing nothing. …

Disclaimer: I teach a course called Becoming a Digital Nomad, and will be linking it at the bottom.

From stationary life to digital nomad step by step.

Let’s overview the steps to make you a digital nomad. Once you see how feasible it is, you can start to visualize yourself taking each step, and execute steadily as the time comes.

To go further, read the linked articles that go into more detail for each part.

Work on limiting beliefs

Explore the…

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Designing Collaborative Systems on-chain. I create art and build (📲 cxc.world) and Aquarius Academy (🔗 aquarius.academy). Personal page: 🏡 douglas.life

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