Purple’s tokenomics reveal revolutionary mechanics geared towards rewarding creators for creating and generating local Top Charts.

Today Current X Change LLC (cXc) released Purple, a blockchain-based multi-token economy with a stated purpose to empower co-creation. This co-creation system works by providing each participant with up to 288 tokens, called SOL, per day for free. Participants then use 1 SOL to “Up” (short for upvote) content which other creators have posted to cXc.world, cXc’s map-based dapp (decentralized application).

After receiving an Up on their content, the creator is rewarded with another token, one BLUX. One BLUX can be spent to give an Up like one SOL, helping content get exposure by appearing larger on cXc.world, and also…

How to choose the right travel method for you, find every option from A to B, and buy the cheapest tickets.

Sometimes I wonder what travel was like 100 years ago. Or a thousand years ago. Going to a place based on something someone sketched on a piece of paper.

Full disclosure: This is part of a course about Becoming a Digital Nomad. I will be linking it at the bottom.

Thankfully, we live in an age where you can figure out how to get anywhere from anywhere with a cell phone, and likely buy the tickets with a few taps. Chances are, there are at least three ways to get there, all easily accessible and with minimal risk.

So how do you pick the best fit?

First of all, it depends on your travel style. Not all digital nomads have the…

On my second visit to Kuelap in northern Peru. Photo Cred: Karelia Blum

A limiting belief is something you believe to be true about yourself, others, or the world that narrows your possibilities.

Narrowing possibilities means you won’t take chances, and will miss out on opportunities because they disappear from your field of vision.

What’s worse, you won’t even realize you are missing out, as these possibilities won’t even show up in your mind.

Full Disclosure: This is part of a course I teach called Becoming a Digital Nomad, linked it at the bottom.

Full Disclosure: I teach a course called Becoming a Digital Nomad, and will be linking it at the bottom.

In this day and age, there are so many apps and websites designed to make your travel life a little easier. We want to show you our favorites.

Let’s go through some apps you’ll want to know about before setting off

Learning a Language

There are so many apps to learn new languages. Some are very good. Some are fun but don’t teach you much. Some are free, some are paid, but they all are better than doing nothing. We’re just going to go over our personal favorites.

It’s best not to depend on any language learning app to teach you, Just like Microsoft’s flight simulator won’t teach you to fly a plane. …

Disclaimer: I teach a course called Becoming a Digital Nomad, and will be linking it at the bottom.

From stationary life to digital nomad step by step.

Let’s overview the steps to make you a digital nomad. Once you see how feasible it is, you can start to visualize yourself taking each step, and execute steadily as the time comes.

To go further, read the linked articles that go into more detail for each part.

Work on limiting beliefs

Explore the limiting beliefs you have, and replace them with expanding beliefs.

Learn more about removing digital-nomad-specific limiting beliefs in this article

One way to ease your travel-related limiting beliefs is to watch travel vlogs on Youtube. They will show you that people ARE doing this, and you can too.

Photo Cred Aaron Olson

Sorry to burst your bubble, but your bubble is going to burst.

Full Disclosure: I own absolutely no bitcoin.

Bitcoin has beat its record high. I think that’s great. The more people who see value in bitcoin, and the larger crypto community, the better. I believe crypto will be used to run our games, shake up media distribution, and re-engineer social systems, but that’s another article. For now, cryptocurrencies are used to solve already-solved problems (like cat ownership and finance) in a more efficient way.

I want to share with you the 2021 problems with bitcoin, those that are likely to unfold not because of anything written in the Bitcoin code, but…

Why recognize artists who are already getting millions of plays every week? Who does that benefit?

Did we really need all of this for the public to know Ms. Eyelash is a great artist?

I’m not hopping on a bandwagon. I have dissed the Grammys for a long time. Why recognize artists who are already getting millions of plays every week? All it does is mainstream what’s already cool so it becomes “accepted” by the older generation.

That’s great and all, but not for music, and not for musicians.

The Grammys have become an ass-kissing session for the upper echelon of music society.

It’s become so toxic that all the coolness has drained away, to reveal the skeleton in a dress that is eating our society. That skeleton is a music distribution system that’s…

It works with Mac, PC, Linux, it’s really free, but you won’t find it by Googling.

First things first, this isn’t clickbait. I’m going to show you an open-source Instagram bot for Mac/Windows/Linux that has been discontinued by the developer (You Can’t find it).

Though the project is “dead”, the app still works if you downloaded it before he stopped support. Luckily, I did have the app. When I contacted the author about this article, he passed me ALL of the latest builds for each OS.

I’m going to share them with you here, and also give you some instructions on how to stay in good standing with Instagram whilst running your bot.

I have been…

In an hour or less, you will write better statements for your company than most Fortune 500 companies.

Photo by Júnior Ferreira

What happens to all of our great ideas?

Ideas get me very excited starting out. I am very articulate in my thinking, and everything makes sense. I feel I have the ability to carry a brand idea out fully.

Unfortunately.. the same few things kept happening to my ideas.

  1. Ideas would get morphed away from my plan
  2. Execution would be received differently than I intended
  3. The brand would get re-defined each time I had to fill out an “About Me”

Why do our ideas change?

We are human.. and the only thing that doesn’t change is change. Our ideas will morph each time they meet…

It’s not only easier than ever to get your art on blockchain, its now free.

Image source

A long, long time ago in cryptoworld, one needed an investment to create and sell a NFT.

What is a NFT?

NFT means Non-fungible Token. Non-fungible means that one isn’t the same as another, allowing each token to be unique. This uniqueness can represent any digital asset, from an item in a video game, to a piece of art.

While the investment required to create or trade a NFT was usually Ethereum gas prices, objectively negligible (at least then), it required crypto, creating a substantial barrier to entry. Despite this, NFTs have thrived since the beginning.

Douglas James Butner

Designing Collaborative Systems on-chain. I create art and build (📲 cxc.world) and Aquarius Academy (🔗 aquarius.academy). Personal page: 🏡 douglas.life

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