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♒️ You’re invited to Be Yourself and earn $AQUA

Douglas James Butner
2 min readMar 14


You’re invited to be yourself.

Aquarius Academy is holding open meetings next week for Aquadac, a collective dedicated towards self realization here’s how it works.


Collective Self-Realization

3-month seasonal themes
Individually-determined goals
Members Present + rank each other’s progress (Accountability) @ weekly meetings on Zoom


Publish your personal goals online
Showing up at meetings and participate
Earn $AQUA for participating


Every Tuesday at 3pm Eastern Time


To bring people together
To grow together


Registration is open + free to all

  • Aquarius Academy’s core team: Douglas, Karelia + Rosmari

More Information

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The Aquarius Academy provides a catalyst for collective consciousness connection. 🌎 💞 🌞 💞 🌌
"To know thyself is to know the one." ♾️

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