🔥 cXc Tribe is lighting our fire! 🌞🔵🟣 Walk beside us to a more musical world 🔮🧙‍♂️

cXc Tribe is a holotropic, bond-based fractal organization serving creatives through biomimetic content networks.

cXc.world is a tool to help creatives everywhere, currently focusing on Music. As an organization, cXc is also dedicated to personal growth + self expression by all members according to their goals and purpose. As chief, I seek to be a service-leader, guiding each member to embody the highest version of themselves, and to honor our cXc Temple.

Read what Douglas has written about the concept of Geotribes and find all cXc information in the post footer

The Power of Tribe 🔥

Tribe is empowered through community to act as cXc, not just as a representative, but an embodiment of the spirit of cXc. We take the “ask forgiveness not permission” approach and trust you to express your unique value for mutual benefit, without interference, and with guidance readily available. With great power comes great responsibility, and you’ll be responsible for expressing your higher self and serving others on their journey to do so. While you’re becoming villager, take a moment, a night, a week to fully feel if this Tribe is where you belong. We hope to walk beside you soon.

Your actions allow you to form a bond, and as long as that bond isn’t broken, you’ll get paid PURPLE every month.

🔥🔨 Forge your bond to cXc by completing actions, and uphold your bonds to continue breaking 🥖🟣 with Tribe.

cXc Tribe Vocabulary 🔖

  • cXc Tribe — A group of paid-volunteers working towards a vision of a brighter world through music empowered by biomimetic economics.
  • Bond — A relationship forged by shared vision and maintained by monthly activity in alignment with the cXc Temple
  • Breaking Bonds — Voluntarily leaving your relationship with cXc by explicit action or implicit lack of action
    Bread — Monthly PURPLE earned by all bonded members
  • cXc Temple / cXc Tribe Temple — The agreed-upon Vision, Mission, Pillars, and Foundation of cXc by cXc Tribe
  • Oath — Promise to uphold the cXc Temple and adhere to code of Tribe conduct (yet to be created)
  • Villager — Someone who has been active in community for 4 consecutive weeks
  • Tribe Member — In inducted full-member of cXc Tribe with monthly bread
  • Tribe Leader — Tribe Member 3+ months leading us forward with fresh vision and shepherding new tribe members
  • Chief — Holding space, compiling vision, supporting and empowering Tribe
  • Moon Meet — Monthly Video call focused on Collective Vision
  • Chant — Unique vocal expression. We’ll develop our chants together to induct members and show support for an idea, and you’re encouraged to develop your own vocal expression (Short burst like the Na’vi in Avatar) that will serve as a more unique “clap’ when you’re watching live music.

🤝 A cXc hand gesture will be taught to all who attend Moon Meets 👐

🙆‍♂️ Villager (unpaid, but can earn bonus bread)

If you’re curious about this tribe, take the first no-commitment step by becoming a Villager. This lets you interact with tribe and naturally set yourself up to be a Tribe Member if you’re having a good time.

  • Be active around the community for 1 month on at least 2 platforms: Discord (preferred) Telegram, Hive, Twitter, Reddit, and others count too.
  • Active means engage or post on-topic 1+ times per week (not per platform) for 4 weeks.
  • Show up at least 1 Moon Meet, introduce yourself and talk on-topic when handed the talking stick.

Villagers can claim a free Lvl 4 SolDisk

If you have high ambitions, you are allowed to declare a Tribe Member bond at your first Moon Meet if you’ve already been active for a month.

🔥🪘 Villager to Tribe Member Flow

  1. Be a Villager, (Just be active in the community, no approval)
  2. Take Oath (at a Moon Meet ) in accordance to cXc’s temple and you’re a Tribe Member

🗿🧑‍🎤 cXc Tribe Member (64 PURPLE per month)

  • ✅ Villager for 3 months
  • ✅ Monthly Understanding, Affiliation, and Opportunity
  • ✅ Complete induction

Understanding — Understand and be able to explain the general [tokenomics], Seek to embody the cXc Temple for reasons you understand and honor. Know why you are here, what you are getting from cXc + cXc Tribe, and what you are providing.

Monthly: Post about cXc.world publicly: Youtube, Twitter, Hive, d.buzz, Medium, non-cXc TG groups, anything public 4x per month + (total), on at least 2 platforms. Use your knowledge of cXc.world to onboard 3 new artists per month.

Affiliation — Add ‘cXc’ or ‘cXc.world’ to your socials in name and/or description. Join tribe everywhere you can online.

Once: Buy one piece of cXc clothing or other swag and get 100% rebate in PURPLE. Any small purchase, like a sticker, will suffice, but we also have really dope clothing, as Douglas previously worked designing clothes for music festivals.

  • 👕 Clothing and 🔴 swag This rebate program is a for all tribe members up to 500 USD per month until budget runs out. Tribe is allowed to buy these rebated cXc clothes + products and re-sell them for a profit, up to the monthly limit.

We will soon link here a Tribe-Only collection from PAOM.

Opportunity — Use cXc to further your goals. This could be posting your music, a friend’s music, using our NFT standard, investing in cXc tokens or NFTs, or even proposing a new space/project to further your goals through cXc. Use cXc to empower yourself, your friends, and local musicians 1X per month.

Forging Tribal Bond pt 1 — Declare your completion by making a Hive, Medium or other social post with links to your contributions

Forging Tribal Bond pt 2 — At the end of each Moon Meet, the meeting Chief will ask if there’s anyone is forging bonds. Speak up then to start the Induction

Tribe Members can claim a free Lvl 9 SolDisk

Induction After you make an oath to uphold the cXc Tribe temple to the best of your judgement and abilities, fellow tribe members at the meeting will have a chance to ask questions or challenge if you’ve really forged your bond. Then tribe will come together to affirm your bond via collective chant. All members must agree, and you will be allowed to apply again the next month, giving you time to address member’s concerns. Your name and WAX account is then added to the smart contract paying tribe members.

🧝‍♂️ Tribe Leader (256 PURPLE)

  • Demonstrate Outreach, Trailblazing, Leadership

Outreach — Hold or be involved in 3+ outward-facing communications, like YouTube videos (Even take over the Wavvys), Music Events in the Discord, Onboarding new artists to the map and/or drops.cxc.world collection, hold or participate in Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse meets, discord events, etc. (Moon Meet counts)

Trailblazing — Walk your tribe forward by taking charge of one of cXc’s many mini-projects, or start your own cXc branch. You may work in teams at your discretion. Ideas: Re-start the Wavvys, hold weekly fireside chats or musical spaces in our Discord. Hold Twitter spaces. Make a big-splash Music NFT drop

Leadership — Show new members how to benefit from and haromonize with cXc through their efforts. Encourage them to empower themselves with our tools.

Tribe Leaders can claim a free Lvl 12 SolDisk

Forging Leader Bond pt 1 — Declare your completion by making a Hive, Medium or other social post with links to your contributions

Forging Leader Bond pt 2 — Talk directly with a Chief about this position, which will then be confirmed by Tribe.

🦉 Chief (Salaried)

cXc’s Founder Douglas James Butner is the Chief of cXc tribe. As we expand, we will select up to 1 additional chief per year or per 12 Community Leaders. All Chiefs will be chosen from Tribe Leaders.

These roles will evolve as we do.

Voting + Changes ✅

We’ll work through procedure as we go, taking lessons For now, all voting will take place at Moon Meets.
For now, only members that attend the Moon Meet are guaranteed to be allowed to vote, and non-attending member’s opinions may be gathered when needed. We’re still planning a DHO in the future. New tribe members must be approved by 11/12 or attendees — 1 / attendees.

Walking with cXc

Tribe members may start working on anything you think will benefit artists around the world in the name of cXc without seeing approval. As a tribe member, you are cXc. We encourage you to share your genuine enthusiasm for cXc.world in public, and focus on what you like best in a way the benefits you, your music, and the musicians you want to help. You are free to work together, and can consult Tribe Leaders at moon meets for guidance finding people to walk with.

To have your cXc mini project added to cXc docs, pins, etc, bring up your project at the end of a Moon Meet. If you need additional funds, operate the project for a minimum of one month, then present a budget to Douglas or another Chief. You’ll need a full tribe vote to be given additional funds.

Walk the Extra Mile, Carry More Bread 🥐

Each month, up to 3 members (or about 1/4 of attendees) who contribute incredible abundance to cXc are rewarded with a higher amount of PURPLE. Tribe will vote on who should receive extra bread. This is also the only way for Villagers to earn PURPLE ot other rewards before becoming a full Tribe Member.

Additional rewards are up to 3x base pay


  • Get together with other tribe members and the wider community to discuss music, and making cXc all it can be.
  • Help those looking in to come in and join the party!


  • You dev? Help with our smart contracts or contact Douglas directly to see how you can be of service.


  • Constantly share the joy of cXc and our vision in public, with friends, family, strangers, and online. To be rewarded, make a measurable impact with your speech: more music on the map, more tribe members, more discoverability.


  • Wearing cXc’s Clothing Line
  • Get in the Top 100 cxcmusicnft holders
  • Stake LP to Alcor Exchange or wax.defibox.io

Breaking Bonds

cXc is a paid-volunteer community, so you’re free to forge or break bonds, or let go of your powers and responsibility at any time — though you won’t be allowed to rejoin cXc tribe for 6 months if you break bonds for any reason.

Explicit Break

You can leave any time by calling [TBD] contract. You will immediately be removed from our lists and payments will stop.

Implicit break

You break bonds with cXc Tribe by discontinuing the relationship.

  • Don’t show up for a Moon Meet for 3 consecutive months
  • Fail to uphold monthly bond agreement for 1 months
  • Break Code of Conduct

🌕 Moon Meets

Moon meets are our monthly vision-sharing ceremonies on Google Meet / Zoom. This is where we collectively source our direction on this incredible journey. When we grow beyond 12 attendees, we will break into multiple moon meets, with Community Leaders regrouping after to ensure all ideas filter back to the center. We’d like some moon meets to be recorded and shared on Youtube to find fellow humans with similar vision.

Join cXc Tribe on Luma and we’ll email you before each 🌕 Moon Meet

I look forward to sharing vision with you 🙏
. Douglas, Chief Visionary of cXc


Current X Change is dedicated to harmonizing Humans, Collectives, and Gaia. Our media Mapps are just the start. As we refine Purple, we also seek to redefine what it means to come together as humans and co-create. We hope you’ll enjoy the tools already here, and we’re infinitely stoked for what our vision holds.

👨‍🎤 Experience cXc.world 🌎

🤝 Get to know 🟣 Purple

🎥 Add Music to cXc.world

🎁 Music NFTs on WAX 🚀

🗺 Music NFT Map

🛍 Curated (cXc) Collection drops.cxc.world

🛠 Music NFT standard

💰 BARTER 🟣PURPLE, 🔵BLUX on Alcor 📈 🎁Defibox 🏊‍♂️

🧭 Explore these tokens in our Purple Explainer

👕 WEAR cXc High-fashion 🇨🇦 🛍️ Redbubble 🔴

Post about your 👕 + S/O for 100% rebate in PURPLE 🟣 (Must be Tribal Villager)

🦁🐻🦉 Find home in cXc Tribe 🔥

🎶 Sing and Dance: cXc Discord

Share Vision in 🌕 Moon Meets for tribe and villagers

(cXc) 📺 YouTube — — 🐝 Hive — — 🔺 Reddit — — 🖼️ Instagram — — 🐦 Twitter

🛣️ Roadmap 👁 OG Vision 🟣 OG Paper

Image credit Unsplash + individual photographers in posted image alt.




Designing Collaborative Systems on-chain. I create art and build (📲 cxc.world) and Aquarius Academy (🔗 aquarius.academy). Personal page: 🏡 douglas.life

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Douglas James Butner

Douglas James Butner

Designing Collaborative Systems on-chain. I create art and build (📲 cxc.world) and Aquarius Academy (🔗 aquarius.academy). Personal page: 🏡 douglas.life

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