Gudasol 🜛 Bad Habits [Freestyle]

1/4 of Rap Elvis Home Concert 👨‍🎤

Douglas James Butner
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Rap Elvis Home Concert

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🌞 Bad Habits 🌞
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Evolve your consciousness with Solar Music 🌞🜛

Mystic lyrics are channeled with the intent of connecting to higher self to share understanding and healing towards shared goals.

Gudasol 🜛 (meaning ‘Thanks to Sun’) is the 🔑 to receiving the Solar DNA Upgrades. Send your gratitude to the sun and decode your rewards.

These songs bridge the gap to allow you to decode the solar gifts through slow, often subliminal education about the magic of consciousness, vocal vibration, and by evoking the vibration required to tap into solar and galactic rays of life.

“Expressing myself with freestyle songs has been integral to my development as a rapper, and to my healing. I hope mystic music is healing for you too.” — Gudasol

Hi there 👋 I’m Gudasol 🜛, Welcome to my Hive Blog

🧙‍♂️ Mystic ~ 👨‍🏫 Teacher ~ 👨‍💻 Coder ~ 🎙 Rapper ~ 🎨 Designer

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