How hard is it to make $1k a month on Skillshare as a creative?

Here’s why Skillshare will (or won’t) make you $1k a month sharing what you love doing.

Douglas James Butner 🜛 Gudasol
6 min readOct 21, 2019
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The Goal: $1k a month

1k a month is a milestone. It’s roughly the federal minimum wage in the US (7.25 x 160h = 1160), And if you’re traveling the world, it’s more than enough to live comfortably in places like South America and Southeast Asia.

Getting to $1000 dollars a month in royalties on Skillshare isn’t as hard as you may think.

The 1k Math

Skillshare pays by the minute. For every minute a premium student spends watching your class, you’ll get roughly $.06. So to make $1k you will need roughly 16,700 minutes of your courses watched by premium students.

Now that we have the goal clear, I will use the rest of this article to help you understand why (or why not) it will be easy for you.

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Douglas James Butner 🜛 Gudasol

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