How to Sell a TON of Art on Redbubble

I have moved over 17,000 units on RB, and my art isn’t *that* great.


This isn’t my Redbubble shop.. (Photo by Ricardo Tamayo)

There’s a secret to selling art on Redbubble, but it isn’t complicated, it’s math. I call it “The Success Formula” and it doesn’t magically make you more sales, it just helps you understand what is making you money.

Disclaimer: I teach an online course called “Sell a TON of Art on Redbubble” and will be linking information in the footer.

The Success Formula

Success in $ = Views * Conversion rate [decimal] * average commission ($)

We can see there are three factors to our success.


2. Conversion

3. Commission

Get More Views

Views = # of products * Average views / product

Why break views down into its own formula?

To illustrate a point. You must have a lot of art to get daily sales. How have I sold art daily for years? I have uploaded >2,200 works on Redbubble. I started making sales daily around 1,000 pieces in my portfolio. This is also around the time I reached 1,000 total sales. Once you reach around this number of products and sales, you can expect steady sales for years to come.

You will need a TON of art is you want to turn RB into a reliable monthy income. Sure, you could get sales with a small portfolio, but it’s a little like going viral, it’s probably not reliable unless you are (or become) a semi-famous artist with a large and loyal fan base.

Edit: With Fan Art, it’s much easier to make steady $ with a few dozen works

It’s far more likely you will be able to make a good monthly check, no matter who you are, if you have a ranging portfolio packed with quality work.

Photo by bruce mars

How to make more art

Make modifications to each piece



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