How to Sell a TON of Art on Redbubble

I have moved over 17,000 units on RB, and my art isn’t *that* great.

This isn’t my Redbubble shop.. (Photo by Ricardo Tamayo)

The Success Formula

Get More Views

Why break views down into its own formula?

Photo by bruce mars

How to make more art

Make modifications to each piece

Think of art as your profession

Don’t let uploading cut into your art time

Other Ways to Get More Views


Link to your product types

Convert Better

Don’t be boring

Ask Others’ Opinions

Promote what is already selling

Average Commission

Photo by Burst

Get More $$ Per Sale

Set the right commission

Pitch bigger products

Beyond The Success Formula: Partner Programs

This is the image my girlfriend, Karelia Blum, sold on her Redbubble.

Designing Collaborative Systems on-chain. I create art and build (📲 and Aquarius Academy (🔗 Personal page: 🏡

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