Learn Javascript Prompt Pack (for Beginners) by Machine Minds AI

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Douglas James Butner 🜛 Gudasol
12 min readMay 12, 2023

Calling All Future Javascript Ninjas! 👨‍💻🥷

Imagine you’ve dived deep into the world of JavaScript programming and harnessed the power of AI to enhance your coding skills, and are now a JS Ninjas!

You prototype React apps in minutes.

You connect to any API, you run your own..

You know no limits.

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I’ve written (and had ChatGPT help me) a collection of prompts designed to help you learn JavaScript fundamentals while leveraging ChatGPT’s power. This is the perfect blend for new JavaScript programmers; follow up with model and ask GPT to fully build out these applications. Use online playgrounds to test the code, or deploy locally.

What’s in the Learn Javascript Prompt Pack

I’ve crafted some prompts to help you learn WISE + RELEVANT information (like comparing npm packages people are using for common needs), to master javascript in no time.



Douglas James Butner 🜛 Gudasol

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