Skillshare deleted half of their classes and didn’t tell anyone.

No one is happy, no one was notified. But Why?? And where can online instructors turn?

Image by Jenni Jones

What the hell happened?!?

A little history.

Praying we get here. Image by H. B.

Here’s a few guidelines that should not be strictly enforced

Why is this bad?

How is a class project bad?

Not keeping their promises.

Image by Peter Timmerhues

The Real Problem Here

Photo by Axel Antas-Bergkvist

How removing half their classes hurts the community

Photo by Lukas Hartmann

Skillshare Premium customers instantly lose half of their value

Teachers lose half of their income, or more

Where can Instructors Turn?

Gumroad + Medium. The best Idea I have had.

Bending the Knee.

I’m seeing other people.

The hard route

In summary


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