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Douglas James Butner πŸœ› Gudasol
3 min readJul 13, 2022

Let’s talk about Getting There Together.

Tomorrow/Today, July 13, we will share vision on bringing people to an idea, product or service. We all could improve in this area, and it starts by realizing the incredible value we can only unlock together. Share your ideas and vision on how we can get people interested in, as well as the wider art of bringing people along towards our shared goals.

Special Meeting Bonus! Earn 12 PURPLE just for showing up at the Moon Meet, and an additional 15 PURPLE if you send 1 PURPLE to three different people.

Moon Meet 4 Agenda


- Introductions (~3 min each person)

Tribe Update- Douglas is working in the Metaverse


- Share what you’ve been brought onto VS dragged into recently, and your experiences
- How can we bring on people to the ideas, services, and products of, or any other new concept?


Vision- Share the brightest vision you can imagine for a world where helpful ideas have more power than distracting or destructive ones.

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πŸ›πŸŽΆ cXc Tribe Temple Meetings may be recorded recorded and published through our Youtube. As a participant, you agree to share your vision + words publicly. We don’t operate in secret.

​cXc Tribe is a paid-volunteer organization devoted to empowering people to empower people, currently through the lens of music and biomimetic economics.

​If you’re new to cXc, I recommend watching the first 5 minutes of this video: cXc Beta Demo:

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​See you around the fire at 12pm ET, 4pm GMT.

​Meet Link:

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Douglas James Butner πŸœ› Gudasol

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